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Monthly Archives: March 2017

15 Mar 2017

Day 73: Casma District

So…. yesterday I took a night bus to Trujillo…
But when we were almost there the bus stopped and we were in this enormous long traffic jam.

14 Mar 2017

Day 72: Lima

Today Max and I arrived in Lima.
I’m not a big fan of big cities, but we were craving for a good steak and that is something you cannot get in small towns most of the times.

12 Mar 2017

Day 70: Paragliding Paracas

Today we went paragliding and it was so awesome!!! Such great views with the wind in my hair <3

11 Mar 2017

Day 69: Paracas

Yesterday Max and I arrived in the end of the afternoon in Paracas. We walked around a bit, chilled at the swimming pool and went out for dinner. It’s a cute little coastal town!

10 Mar 2017

Day 68: Huacachina

This morning we went up again to watch the sunrise, but there were too many clouds, so no sunrise… 🙁
But it was nice to sit on top again and enjoy the view!