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About me

Freelance photographer - Traveler

Who is Pixaboo?

When I (Inge van den Broek) was 3 months old, I was adopted from South Korea. I ended up in the best family I could have wished for!
While growing up in the Netherlands, I loved to create things; origami, jewelry, photographs, clay statues... you name it, I did it. It made sense that after school I ended up studying Multimedia Design in Rotterdam. I learned a lot and created digital images from scratch. But I wasn't satisfied. I wanted more.
After a couple of years, I decided to study Photography Design. Here I finally learned who and what I wanted to become. During my education in photography I started my own company Pixaboo to be able to freelance. I soon had several projects on my plate; from weddings to parties, pet- and pregnancy- shoots.

Whenever I'm traveling I enjoy photography the most.

Being able to make pictures exactly the way I see it and share them with the world is just amazing! I love natural light and edit my pictures only as I captured it and recreate the exact moment and vibe. No combining multiple pictures to get a shot that never existed.

Traveling is what I enjoy most in the world and photography gave me the means to share my beautiful experiences with everyone.


More about Pixaboo

"Is a memory something from your own thoughts, or is it actually a memory you got from a picture?"

You still don't have a beautiful portrait? You finally got asked to marry thé one? Can't get enough of your pet?
Everything is possible with Pixaboo.
Besides travel photography, nature and wildlife, Pixaboo is also specialised in pet photography, portraits and weddings.

Pixaboo creates pictures based on your ideas and wishes to an end product you've been looking for.