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Category : Argentina

23 Jan 2017

Day 22: Buenos Aires – Santiago

My last day in Buenos Aires I spent walking around in the botanical garden and just sit there and watched people, the plants, trees, birds and practice a little bit of Spanish.

21 Jan 2017

Day 20: Buenos Aires

Today we visited a couple of parks here in the city.
Japanese garden and a botanical garden.

20 Jan 2017

Day 19: Buenos Aires

Today arrived in Buenos Aires and got a warm welcome at our hostel (Hostel Zola) with breakfast! So nice of them!

18 Jan 2017

Day 17: Foz do Iguaçu

This morning we had the best breakfast of this holiday so far! Freshly baked sweet bread with custard, fresh fruit, fresh pineapple juice (one of my favorite drinks) some typical Argentinian pancakes with dulce leche etc etc. It was sooooo yummy!!!

17 Jan 2017

Day 16: Iguazu

After a loooooooooong bus ride of 18 hours we finally arrived in Buenos Aires. It was a pretty boring ride, because the scenery was boring and all the same…. unfortunately.
We did get dinner as a surprise, we didn’t know when we booked.

Then we had to take the plane to Puerto Iguazu and a taxi to the hotel (Cabanas Panambi)

It is a beautiful little cabin with an amazing view over river Parana and Paraguay! It’s bloody hot in here, but I love it! Bird tjeerping, crickets cricking (is that a word?), the water streaming, frog in the house and of course my worst enemy; the mosquito.

Today we went with a collectivo (public bus) to Hito tres fronteras. The point where the river divides 3 countries; Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

Then we tried to get back to the hotel, but that wasn’t that easy haha We waited for an hour for our bus and had to switch bus stops (as far as you can call it that). But this guy Omar helped us and we tried to have a conversation, but his English was poor and my Spanish is still not that good. But it went ok haha

When we came back to the hotel, Oscar made us dinner and after that straight to bed! Tomorrow exciting day! Hope the busses will work a long this time!