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Category : Bolivia

24 Feb 2017

Day 54: Isla del Sol

Today I went to Isla del Sol. I went with the boat at 8:30 and even tho it’s not far, the boats go reeeeeeeally slow

23 Feb 2017

Day 53: Copacabana

Today I left early in the morning to Copacabana with a bus. It was a short ride, so I arrived early in Copacabana.

22 Feb 2017

Day 52: Tiwanaku

Today I did another tour. The tour I was supposed to do the day I arrived in La Paz. But this one was sooo boring!

21 Feb 2017

Day 51: Death Road

Today I did the most exciting thing so far on my trip!
I went downhill with a mountain bike on the most dangerous road of the world; The Death Road.

20 Feb 2017

Day 50: La Paz

Last night I took the night bus to La Paz, the highest capital in the world at 3660 meters!