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Category : Chile

02 Feb 2017

Day 33: San Pedro de Atacama

Today I arrived at San Pedro de Atacama at 8:00 a.m. Checked-in in my new hostel (Aji Verde Hostel) and booked a tour to the Valle de la Luna for this day.

31 Jan 2017

Day 30: Punta Choros

Today I was planning on going to see some wildlife at Punta Choros with Pia. But because of miscommunication it didn’t work out the way I planned it… Missed the only bus to Punta Choros…

30 Jan 2017

Day 29: La Serena

30 Jan 2017

Day 29: Elqui

We arrived in La Serena and said goodbye, because we weren’t staying in the same place. But we will probably see each other again.

29 Jan 2017

Day 28: Valparaiso

Yesterday I went on another tour with Pia, but this one was terrible!
The guide’s English was not so good.