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Category : Peru

31 Mar 2017

Day 89: Goodbye Peru

The last days in Huanchaco were chill, we surfed some more and ate some more and played very advanced Jenga ;D

27 Mar 2017

Day 85: Chan Chan

Today we went to the Chan Chan ruins. We tried last Saturday, but then they were closed. Instead we walked a bit back and walked over a cemetery.

24 Mar 2017

Day 82: Still Huanchaco

So we are still stuck in Huanchaco, but it’s such a nice town that we don’t mind 😛

21 Mar 2017

Day 79: Huanchaco

Last couple of days I pretty much got stuck in Huanchaco in Hostel Frogs Chillhouse.
Roads are broken, bridges fell down and lots of landslides here in the North of Peru.

16 Mar 2017

Day 74: Lima part II

I booked a plane ticket for tonight! Hope it will be alright and I can get to my hostel!