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Day 10: Chile Chico

Today we arrived at Chile Chico after a loooong bus ride.

The bus ride was good and even slept a little bit. We were dropped off at Los Antiguos, a town nearby the Chilean border. We grabbed a minivan and went to the Argentinean customs. But we were too early; the office was still closed! So we had to wait for 30 minutes or so. The check went fast and got the exit stamp again. The stupid half blind guy there put the stamp over the stamp I got from Dubai! What an ass!

Then we had to walk to the Chilean immigrations office. It looked like it wasn't that far. But after walking for a while we realised it was far! So this minivan stopped near us and asked us if we needed to go to Chile Chico. Hell yes! So for 2000 Chilean pesos (that's €2,80) a person we got a ride through immigrations and to Chile Chico! A long the ride more people joined us and all those people stayed at the same hostel (Campamento Nandu) we did! So that's 'gezellig' :)

Afterwards the walk turned out to be 6 kilometers and then a couple more kilometers to the town, so we were very happy we got that ride. But unfortunately we have to go back the same way in 2 days... hopefully there will be a minivan again!

We checked in the hostal and went for a walk in the town. It's a very tiny town, but again very nice. We climbed up the viewpoint and enjoyed the view in the strong wind. And those weird looking clouds.... cool!

Then we headed back, because we needed to sort out how we are getting to Puerto Madryn; our next stop.

Well..... this took 1 year of my life... First we went to the Tourism office. The building almost flew away because of the strong wind haha. And then all of the sudden our 2 Dutch Rotterdam roommates from Puerto Natales walked in the office! The traveling world is so small! But the office couldn't help us out.

But back to me nagging about the planning of the next trip. We went back to the hostel and searched on the internet and searched and searched... but it looked like it was hopeless. Plus the internet was sooooooo slow... So we decided to go back into the town to a restaurant with hopefully faster internet. After hours (yes, really hours) of searching and then finding and then trying to book the tickets, we succeeded.

Now I was in great need of some meat and fries! My dad did some groceries so he could cook for himself (he is a vegetarian) and we met up at the hostel again. Tomorrow we are going to the Marble caves!!! I'm so excited!!!

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