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Day 12: Puerto Madryn

After a really long bus ride we arrived in the morning at Puerto Madryn. We checked-in in our room (La Tosca Hostel) and asked around what the possibilities were and what else we could do/see there. I asked if it was possible to go by ourselves by bike or just walking, and they looked at us if we were mad hahaha. She grabbed a map and showed us the region and how big it was. Yea.... walking and biking is not an option hahaha. The distances are waaaay to big!
So we booked a day tour, to go see the Peninsula of Puerto Madryn for the next day.

But first... Finally the sun and warm temperatures and lets not forget a hammock!!! After a shower and a little bit of chilling we wanted to go see the town and rent a bike. Not far from the town there is a spot where there are always sea lions sunbathing on the beach.  So that was where we wanted to go!
We rented a mountain bike and went on our way. It was a nice ride, but my tailbone hurt so much from the saddle and the off road track afterwards :(

Later in the afternoon we planned to go swim with the sea lions, but because of miscommunication from the touroffice, it got sort of cancelled. Apparently we had to make a deposit payment at the other office. I was so angry and disappointed!!! This swimming with sea lions had high priority!
But after some puzzling in our schedule we managed to get an extra day here. So now we will do this tour another day... phew! And I asked for a discount and we got it :) And even free pictures and movies. Can't wait!

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