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Day 14: Swimming with sea lions

Today we did something amazing!!!
We finally went snorkelling with sea lions :O

I was very scared that something had gone wrong again, but when we arrived at the office there was already someone there. I was so relieved!
She also had a really pretty and sweet cat walking there, so I was of course all over the cat haha
With us was a family from Buenos Aires; mom and 2 daughters. They couldn't speak a lot of English, so for me again lots of Spanish practising!

We first had to pay and watch an instruction video and then we went to the other office at the beach where we had to fit the wetsuits and shoes.
It was a really thick wetsuit, 7 mm, so we could float more in the water. My father has never worn a wetsuit so he kept saying it was so tight :)

Then we had a 30 minute boat ride to the spot.

We arrived at this sort of cliff where lots and lots of sea lions were sunbathing. There were already a couple of other boats and a couple of sea lions were in the water playing. We went in and it didn't take long for them to come to us. They almost climbed on top of us! Jumped out of the water just beside us and kept circling us. I didn't know where to look because they were everywhere! Sometimes they touched your hands too or softly bite in it :)

I made a new friend in the water. I got so many kisses from her! It was so cute! She kept kissing me and her whiskers were really hard, but soft at the same time! I tried to make a selfie, but they were too fast... It was an amazing experience!!! <3

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