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Day 17: Foz do Iguaçu

This morning we had the best breakfast of this holiday so far! Freshly baked sweet bread with custard, fresh fruit, fresh pineapple juice (one of my favorite drinks) some typical Argentinian pancakes with dulce leche etc etc. It was sooooo yummy!!!

After eaten a lot we took the collectivo to the bus terminal and took a bus to the Iguazu falls.

Once we were inside the park we had to look where we had to go to. It wasn't very clear, but there was a little train that brought you to the trail to the falls. So we stood in line... a looooong line... When we finally got in, we already had to go out at the next station. But that wasn't the right station. Apparently we had to transfer to another train... And there we had to wait again for a long time :(
Afterwards we figured out that we also could have walked to the falls... Would've saved us a lot of time.

But... When we were finally walking on the trail we got more excited by the meter. In the far distance we could see a mist over the treetops. And you could als hear the water falling.... :O

And then we finally got there... OMG It is so big and so powerful!!! Thousands and thousands of liters water fall every second. And when it falls in the water, lots of the water splashes up again and made everyone wet! It was difficult to make pictures, because everything was wet! No dry part left on my clothing to clean the lens haha. But I managed :)

We stayed on the platform for about an hour and then walked back, because we had a boat tour at 14:30.
First a ride in a sightseeing-sort-of-jeep, where we got some info about the jungle and it's inhabitants. We got a waterproof bag and a life vest and went in the speedboat. The ride was fast and awesome! They were really playing with the waves and water!
Seeing the falls from the water was fantastic! You almost cannot get a better view. We got some time to make pictures and then everyone had to put their stuff in the waterproof bag. We went under the waterfalls! It was awesome and very refreshing! And the water kept pouring on us and in the boat! We went 'in' 3 times! We had so much fun!!! But I was a little bit scared for my camera though... But it stayed dry! YAY

Then we had to walk back another way and saw so many great views of another side of the waterfall! I just kept taking pictures! Wish we could've stayed there much longer!

We also have seen so many butterflies, birds, a cayman crocodile and coaties. Oh and 2 capuchin monkeys chilling in the tree!

Tomorrow we go to the Brazilian side! Can't wait!

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