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Day 18: Foz do Iguaçu Brazil

Braziiiiiiil.... lalalalalalalalaaaa

Today we went to Brazil to see the Iguazu waterfalls from that side!

First we had that amazing breakfast again (gonna miss that breakfast so much haha)

But another border crossing.... It all went well, we had a bus that would bring us to the park in Brazil and wait for us at the customs and immigration during going through customs. But at the immigration it apparently took too long and we could see our bus drive away :O
Thank god we had our stuff with us!

What now? We asked around and there were lots of other buses, but they didn't allow us in it, unless we, of course, paid. So after a while we decided to just pay again :(

The bus dropped us off and we were immediately a the waterfalls! That was nice compared to the trains yesterday! The other side of the waterfalls was beautiful! Maybe even more beautiful than on the Argentinian side. Well.... you have a better panoramic view from Brazil.

There were some walking tracks and walking boards alongside the waterfalls which offered different perspectives!

And then all of the sudden I heard my dad yelling/screaming: "Inge Inge Inge!" and he was pointing to a waterfall. I had no iedea what he meant, but my dad lost his cap in the waterfalls. Because of the wind it got blown off his head. He had to laugh about it so hard haha. But because he doesn't have that much hair left on his head he was scared to get burned there. So we wrapped a shirt of mine around his head hahaha. He looked really gangster :P

Again the visit was way too short, but amazing! We could have stayed there for hours but the park closed at 17:00.

Back at our hotel we could see the sunset. Last days we missed it. And then a good dinner made by Carlos. Finally my Argentinean steak!!!

Tomorrow we fly back to Buenos Aires where my dad has his last days.

¡Hasta luego!

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