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Day 20: Buenos Aires

Today we visited a couple of parks here in the city.

A Japanese garden and a botanical garden. We also wanted to go into the planetarium, but it opened at 16:00 and that was too late for us. Then we went to 'Plaza Holanda'. There were lots of roses, but other then that it had nothing to do with the Netherlands :P

We were just on the way out of the park when bird poop fell on me. It felt disgusting! A man next to us was very surprised by it and helped us clean it. When we finished cleaning ourselves, because it was on my dad too, my father found out his wallet was missing from his bag.

Then all of a sudden we both remembered hearing/reading this theft trick. The guy was nowhere to be found anymore. Luckily there was only some money in the wallet and no cards or passport! But we did feel so dumb! It happened all so fast! But we moved on and had a small snack and went to another park.

We snacked at a place that was just like the 'Hofbogen' in Rotterdam. Only the trains still ride the tracks here. As if I was home again... really weird.

At 20:00 Juan (from the hostel) brought me and my father to the airport. So sweet of him! Waved my father goodbye and wished him a good journey. I watched him going through the first door to make sure he went in the right one :)

When we came back to the hostel a BBQ was waiting for us :) Lots of Juan's friends were there too. It was a really good BBQ!!! Even though I could not understand a lot of what they where all saying (because Argentinean Spanish goes really fast), it was really nice!

A good start of me traveling solo! Tomorrow I am going to Santiago, but it will take me about 24 hours in total :O

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