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Day 22: Buenos Aires – Santiago

My last day in Buenos Aires I spent walking around in the botanical garden and just sit there and watched people, the plants, trees, birds and practice a little bit of Spanish.
It was really nice to see other people do the same as I did; reading a book, sleeping on a bench.... a really relaxed day.

Said goodbye in the hostel (Zola) and made a picture of their cool mural! Oeh and I skyped with Josephine and Laila :) Of Course Josie didn't understand, but it was nice to see my sweet fluffy cat! Miss her....

At 17:00 I took the bus to Mendoza. The bus was really luxurious and it was almost empty! So everybody had 2 chairs for themselves. That gave me a good chance to get some sleep on the bus. But I forgot to take out my sweater and scarf so I was freezing in the bus. I was freezing my ass off. Couldn't sleep at all. Then they brought us dinner and luckily one of the bus drivers saw that I was cold and gave me his sweater! He was my hero!!! Now I could sleep properly.

After a long drive of 16 hours we arrived at Mendoza. There I had 2,5 hours until my next bus to Santiago was leaving.

The next bus ride was supposed to take 6,5 hours, but at the border it was sooooo busy! It took us almost 3 hours before we could go further :O
But it was a beautiful ride! And it is so nice to be back in the mountains again!

The road after the border was amazing btw.The most curly road I have ever seen in my life! Riding like a snake between the mountains.. And I was sitting in front and sometimes it looked like we were hoovering over the edge with the bus... freaky shit haha

Now I'm at my hostel (Gnomo Hostel) and it's really nice! Looks awesome, cool wallpaintings and nice people!

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