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Day 23: Santiago

I slept like a baby last night! I didn't even hear my roommates coming home from the bar :O

At breakfast I met Konstantin, a German guy. He was going to San Cristobal hill with a girl, Verena, he met during traveling and I joined them.

First we went to have lunch at a marketplace. When walking to the subway we saw the tallest building of South America, the Gran Torre Santiago. And then we went up the hill to the swimming pool. It was really necessary because it was sooooo warm! It was practically the only thing we wanted to do haha

It was really nice and we had lots of fun in the water with the underwater camera :)

After that we walked to the big Maria statue and enjoyed the view!

There is a big forest fire going on south of Santiago and apparently the smoke reaches the city already. So it was really foggy in the city. Can't be good for the health too.

Tomorrow I'm going to Valparaiso and maybe stay there for a while. Trying to get better in my Spanish and just relax for a while :)

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