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Day 25: Valparaiso

Yesterday I arrived in Valparaiso and found a nice hostel (Hostel Voyage) there. It has a great garden where you can chill, make a bonfire or BBQ.
I'm staying in a room with 10 beds. But because the ceiling is so high it doesn't look that full.

I got in touch again with Eva and Laurens because they are here in Valparaiso too.
So today I met up with them! We went to the Pablo Neruda museum (a house where he lived) and did the tour through the house there. The weather sucked that morning; a little bit of rain and lots of clouds. So we didn't have the nice view over the city... It was a beautiful house and I can imagine why he lived there. After we had lunch and said our goodbyes, because they are going back to The Netherlands. But it was really nice seeing them again! Such a nice couple!

After that I wanted to do the free walking city tour (tip based) but when I arrived at the meeting spot, I was the only one. So they said it wouldn't be fun for me and for them and that I should come back again tomorrow... So I walked around in the city and seen some amazing street art!

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