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Day 26: Valparaiso

Today I did a Street Art Tour! A new girl in the room, Pia, and Reto joined me. When we were waiting for the guide we talked a bit with the other people there. And I met 2 other Dutch girls, Lisa and Melanie. They first thought Pia was me. They saw my name on the list and I don't look Dutch, so I understand the confusion haha.

Then the guide showed up and told us all about the street art and its history. Pretty awesome and nice to hear the stories behind the art and artists. And his English was amazing! Like this you get a complete other look on all the streetart. The day before I looked for the piano stairs on my own, but couldn't find them. So the guide showed it. Turns out I was there and even walked on them, but because I went down and didn't look back up, I hadn't seen it. I felt so stupid haha.

After that I went to Laguna Verde with Reto and Pia. We had to take a short busride over the mountains. It was beautiful. During the ride we got really hungry and didn't bring any food whatsoever. So first priority was looking for food. On the beach itself was nothing, but just behind the beach there were some stalls and little restaurants. We had a hamburger there and were satisfied. Then we chilled on the beach a bit and I took a quick dip in the ocean there. Very refreshing and nice to swim again! A holiday isn't a holiday without swimming!!!

When we came back, there was a wine festival going on. Lots of awesome old VW busses <3
Later we wanted to eat there (see the pig above the fire) but we had to pay entrance and pay for the food inside, so Reto and I had dinner elsewhere. Together with Pablo Neruda and his wife ;)

Back at the hostel there was a Couchsurfing Language exchange meeting. But not a lot of people showed up. Konstantin and Verena told me about this and that they were going. So when I came back they were there! YAY! It was nice to see them again even though it was really short!

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