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Day 28: Valparaiso

Yesterday I went on another tour with Pia, but this one was terrible! The guide's English was not so good. It was ok, but he took these very looooong breaks while talking. So there was no speed in the stories he was telling. You could see everyone trying to pull the words out of his mouth hehe.
But I shouldn't say anything, because my Spanish is still so bad haha

After that we booked tickets to La Serena. (I'm in the bus now while typing this) Time to leave Valpo :)

For dinner I went to this hotel where the owner is partly Belgium. So for dinner I had a 'patatje stoofvlees' and a LaChouffe beer 🍺!!! It hasn't been long since I had that, but you never know when the next possible opportunity will be right? The place looked amazing! It had such a good vibe and was beautiful! There were these 2 Dutch girls as well. It was fun to eavesdrop on their story. It was so typical Dutch; only complaining about luxury stuff. Like: "the curtains were so white and transparent, that all the light came through" and "people in the hostel let our dorm room door open all the time" blablabla. It was fun listening :)

This morning we said our goodbyes in the hostel, which is an awesome hostel! Nice big rooms, great patio and love the mugs in the morning with everyone's names on it!

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