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Day 29: Elqui

We arrived in La Serena and said goodbye, because we weren't staying in the same place. But we will probably see each other again.

I am staying this amazing hostel in La Serena (Hostal el Arbol) I immediately booked a tour to go to the observatory in Elqui.

First I needed some groceries and asked some guys (Jack, Chris, Jordan and Blake) that were staying there too. They told me about this huge supermarket. So I went there and it is the most biggest supermarket (Lider) I have seen so far in South America. You could spent a whole day there :)

At night I made a nice tortellini spinach and tomato pasta and made enough for 2 or even 3 days haha.

Then at 21:00 I got picked up and first had a drive for 1,5 hours. When we got out of the van I couldn't believe my eyes... It was amazing!!! I have never seen so many stars in my whole life!!! Unfortunately the Milky way wasn't visible that good with the naked eye. You can see it's body/centre from May they told me. But I did my best to take a picture of it 🌌

The guide showed us several stars through a big telescope. With the naked eye you could see one star, but then through the telescope you could see hundreds more! It was amazing to see! The telescope was pre-programmed, so he only had to type in the name of the star and then the telescope automatically turned towards it! So awesome. "I got to get me one of these" I said haha

He also showed us a video where we realized again, that we are soooooo small in this big universe! And then showed an awesome website/app! So for all you space lovers:

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