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Day 30: Punta Choros

Today I was planning on going to see some wildlife at Punta Choros with Pia. But because of miscommunication it didn't work out the way I planned it... Missed the only bus to Punta Choros...

But the reason I came to La Serena was seeing the wildlife here. So when I thought I wasn't going to see it, I was really disappointed.

But then I asked Isabel from the hostel what I could do, she told me I could rent a car. I asked Christian if he wanted to come too and share the costs. So we rented a car and drove to the place ourselves. Or at least, I did.

It was a beautiful drive of about 2 hours. The roads here are so empty outside the city, so driving was no problem at all! We stopped at some places to enjoy the view and we saw this super cute little fox! A Zorro Chilla. So cute <3

At the beach we parked our car and bought tickets for the boat ride. It was a boat ride of 1,5 hours. Unfortunately the weather wasn't really good, but we have seen lots of birds, penguins, sea lions, but no dolphins or whales :(
But it was a nice ride and when they tried docking the boat it went straight into the dock. It was a pretty hard crash, but nobody got harmed. The waves were really big, so that's why.

So the day began with a disappointment, but ended very good!

Tomorrow I'm going to San Pedro de Atacama with the night bus... long ride again of 17 hours 🚌

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