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Day 36: Uyuni

The last 3 days I have been on a tour to Uyuni in Bolivia.
It has been amazing!!!

My group was nice. but they didn't speak English, only Spanish and the guide too. So sometimes I had no idea what they were talking about haha. I could only pick out the words I understood and make my own story from it :P But it was good for practicing my Spanish though.

We started the tour in San Pedro de Atacama and had a short drive to the border of Bolivia. It was the most smallest and weirdest border crossings so far. There we had to do the standard paperwork and after we had breakfast on the parking lot and switched cars. From van to jeep.

The first day we went very high immediately; 5000 meters above sea level, to some geysers. Before the geysers we went in a hot spring, what was very nice and relaxing. Met a girl from Australia there. When I told her I'm Dutch she said really enthusiastic that her friend is too!

But... unfortunately after I felt really sick. Like all the energy got sucked out of me. I felt like I had to vomit all the time... :( This feeling, plus a little bit of a headache, stayed until half of the second day. So when we went to the geysers, where it smelled like rotten eggs, well... that didn't help at all!

But I could still enjoy all the beautiful things that we got to see! I was trying to sleep in the car, but that didn't work out that much either.
The first night I skipped dinner, puked a couple of times, and went to bed early. The hostel we stayed in had no showers, so that also was not a possibility to feel better.

The next morning we went to see some other laguna's and saw lots of cool animals! We have seen alpacas, lama's and vicuñas. And with some I made an animal selfie! Yay! It was really beautiful again, but I really wanted to see the Salar de Uyuni... I couldn't wait anymore...

Then we went to our next hotel. This hotel was very nice. We were the only ones there. The hotel was made from the salt and we all got a private room! Well the 2 couples and I :P

So the day had finally come; an early rise at 4:00 am. to see the sunrise at the salt flats. But first I took some pictures again of the night sky. Last night the moon was shining too bright, so I tried this morning. And it was amazing!!! Even more beautiful than in Elqui Valley!

Then we drove to the salt flat.... and I got more and more excited each curve in the road. And then there we were... driving on the flat.... It was amazing!!! The reflection was awesome and the light was beautiful! I just couldn't stop taking pictures! Then we drove to this little cactus island in the middle of the flat. From there you have a good view over the flat. And after that it was time to make the funny pictures with the false perspective that you can create on the salt flat because it never ending. We had a lot of fun doing this!

After the salt flats we went to a market. I ate some lama meat and there I ran into the girl again who I spoke to in the hot springs. And guess who her Dutch friend was... The guy in blue from San Pedro de Atacama! It was nice to talk in English/Dutch again after 3 days almost not talking! When I mentioned that I was going to Sucre after she recommended me a Hostel. Who knows I will see her there again.

Now I'm in a hostel in Uyuni town itself and don't know what I will do next. But probably go to Sucre and do another Spanish course! Oh and look at that small door! The people here are very small, so why have a bigger door no? :D

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