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Day 40: Sucre

Yesterday I arrived in Sucre at this awesome hostel (The Beehive). Lots of reviews, no, every review mentioned their breakfast to be the best ever! So how can you resist right?

This morning I got the breakfast... and it was the best ever!!! I am really happy that I am planning on staying here for a week and a half and maybe even longer!

After my shower I was just chilling at the balcony and then I heard these familiar voices. So I checked it out and it were the guys I met in La Serena, and again in San Pedro and again in Uyuni! Nice to see them again! Always fun with them around!

Then I went to the market and bought some fresh fruits and vegetables. The noses of the cows I did not buy ;) It was a nice market with lots of stuff and great foods!

When walking back, I ran into Christian! Such a coincidence!

Later that day I did another free walking tour in the city and ran into Pipa, the girl I also met in San Pedro! And these 2 Dutch girls in the tour knew her too. She told me she was going to have drinks later today with the guys (Chris, Blake & Jordan) and I should come too! It's such a small world in the travel scene!

So we had dinner first and then drinks. Oh and Pippa brought Christian a long too :) And all of the sudden I heard my nickname (Banana) and it was Pia! So she and her friends hooked on too and we went to her party hostel. And there I saw this other Dutch girl, Lisa, I met earlier in Valparaiso! The group got bigger and bigger! So awesome!!!

Now it's sleepy time!

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