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Day 42: Sucre

After being a little bit sick for the last 2 days, I finally got some energy back to go do something!
In the meantime the girl, Mekayla, who recommended me this hostel also arrived!

Today I went to this dinosaur museum with Lisa and James, and Bethany and Tom we saw along the way, and they joined too.

When we arrived there they told us we could not go see the footprints up close, because we were wearing flip flops. Only Lisa could go in. I was so pissed off, because I really wanted to see them up close! And I can do everything on these flip flops.

But we went in and looked around with this weird guide. It would have been better without him haha. The museum itself was sort of a joke... but it was nice with the life size models of some dinosaurs!

At 13:00 the footprint tour started and Lisa let me borrow her shoes because she wasn't feeling well! That was so sweet of her! It was really cool seeing those prints up close and so weird at the same time! Near the museum is a cement factory still operative, hence the helmets and shoes. They discovered the prints in the first place. But they are still digging at the site, so big trucks and tractors were driving there. Really weird...

After that we hang out at this bar and it had bitterballen, bosche bollen and patatje pinda!!! The owner is Dutch! Awesome :P guess what we ate there!

Tomorrow I start my Spanish course; 4 hours a day for 5 days. Cool!

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