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Day 49: Last days in Sucre

I have spent almost 2 weeks in Sucre. The first place where I stayed for a longer period of time. And it was amazing! Met so many nice people, did some good Spanish lessons and had a lot of fun!

Got a banana for Valentine's day from Sofie, went to some salsa lessons with Rianne, Sofie and her mom; where I saw my Spanish teacher Samarah. She went all bonkers seeing me there and I had to do some salsa too. I actually didn't want to haha, but then my German roomy stepped in and taught me the basics. He and his girlfriend are amazing! They can dance soooo good!

Went to the cinema with Rianne and Chieko. We went to the Spanish 50 Shades Darker. It was really difficult to understand. But it was fun! And the theater looked pretty good. Didn't expected it to be that good haha
Chieko didn't feel that good a couple of days ago... I gave her some crackers and told her not to go to Potossi in that condition. Ever since she called me Banana Mama hahaha

Went to see some traditional Bolivian dances at party hostel Kultur Berlin. Was really awesome too see and I really liked the music and their outfits!

The first day I had Spanish lessons was together with Mekayla and cute young Alex as a teacher. He is guitarist in a rock band and asked if we would want to come and see him perform. So we went and I brought lots of people of my hostel. The music was hard rock I guess, but Alex was amazing!!! Such a good guitar player! After the performance we moved to Kultur Berlin again to party some more. Only stayed there for 2 hours or so, and then headed back to our hostel. Together with drunken Kelly! She was so much fun!

The last day in Sucre I went to the cemetery together with some people of my hostel. It was a beautiful cemetery, almost like a park. But then in the evening I had to say goodbye to the hostel and its amazing breakfast and all the amazing people I met there! Hope to see some of them again during my trip or otherwise back home!

Together with Michelle I took a taxi to the bus terminal. She had to buy her ticket for the next day.

When I was waiting for my bus I started talking to Mark, a guy from New Zealand. We turned out to sit next to each other... well sort of. There was 1 person in between, but she didn't want to switch places... So we talked over her. Then all of the sudden I saw my Spanish teacher outside saying goodbye to 2 guys.
And those 2 guys were eavesdropping on my conversation with Rianne the other day at a restaurant. So I went outside to say goodbye to her too! And those German guys were sitting behind us! Small world...

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