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Day 52: Tiwanaku

Today I did another tour. The tour I was supposed to do the day I arrived in La Paz.

But this one was sooo boring!
It was at a site in Tiwanaku to see pre-Inca statues and other findings from that time.

The tour was well organised, but I really wanted to see lots of statues and stuff. But it was very minimal. And the tour guide was really weird. Every time when she looked at us, she closed her eyes and then we she looked away she opened her eyes again. I only was looking at that haha

I met this girl from Spain Araceli, we had a great time together and good talks! It's always good to have a good friend when on a boring tour haha
Hope to see her again in Peru!

The area where we were was very beautiful! Nice to not be in the city with all those demonstrations with teargas. And I did get some nice pictures :)

After the tour I went up with the cable cars for an amazing view over the city!
And beautiful it was! Plus the weather was great! There weren't a lot of clouds. I could even see snowed top mountains that I haven't seen before because they were in the clouds all the time.

I went to this awesome viewpoint to enjoy the view. Apparently it is a good place for couples to come to, because there were 3 cute young couples there enjoying the view <3

After that I had a drink with Pia (she is also staying in Loki where Lisa stays) and then packed my bag, because my bus is leaving early in the morning to Copacabana. Can't wait. Heard so many good stories about that place!

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