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Day 54: Isla del Sol

Today I went to Isla del Sol.

I went with the boat at 8:30 and even tho it's not far, the boats go reeeeeeeally slow, so it took 2 hours to get to the north part of the island. Luckily I took a travel sickness pill, because the boat was rocking a lot! In the boat I met a French girl Helene. So we decided to walk together.

But when we arrived on the island a man told us we could walk with him, so the whole boat did. No extra costs he said. So during the walk he explained some stuff about the island. But it wasn't really that interesting. Then when his tour came to an end he asked, no sort of demanded for 15 BOB (€2,00), but we didn't pay him, because he told us no extra costs. I think he didn't mind that much because he knew he was wrong.

Then we had to walk back to the south point. We thought it wasn't going to be that hard (because we have read that) but with our bad cardio and the altitude, it turned out to be pretty tough. But the views were beautiful!

Tomorrow I'm taking the bus to Arequipa in Peru to meet up with Lisa again and celebrate her birthday on Sunday!

But first dinner!
When being here in Copacabana you apparently have to eat the trout here, so that's what I ordered! And it was delicious! And the dog loved it too 😜

Bye Bolivia, you are beautiful!!!

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