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Day 56: Arequipa

Yesterday I took the bus to Peru, Arequipa.

In the bus I saw Helene again and met up with that German couple who taught me salsa dancing in Sucre. Was nice to have a bit of company there. The bus ride itself was terrible! It was so freaking hot inside and there was only 1 tiny window that we could open. Airco didn't work :(

After maybe 1 hour we arrived at the border to Peru. First the exit stamp and then we had to walk to the other side to get the entrance stamp to Peru.

In the line to the office Helene met up again with a French girl she met earlier, Gaella. Really nice girl. She told me about a job in Australia. She works there for 9 months each year and has 3 months off to go traveling. She has been doing this for over 6 years! I want that too!!!
In the line we had really nice talks and fun, but apparently it was not allowed to talk inside of the office. So we got shushed down... Oops... In the end some of us only get to stay for 30 days in Peru, while it actually is allowed to stay for 90 days. Probably because we were talking too loud...

We made short stop in Puno, where lots of people got out. There are some floating islands where local people are living in traditional clothing. You can dress up there, but I skipped it. I already booked a hostel in Arequipa to meet up with Lisa and do the Colca Canyon trek.

At night I finally arrived in Arequipa and went straight to bed in the hostel (MB Backpackers). It was an exhausting ride. The city looked really pretty!

The next morning I first thought I was in the same room as Lisa. She had the same hair and shoes. And since it was her birthday I started making little flags... But then she turned around and it wasn't her.... whahahaha Luckily I hadn't put on the flags yet!

During breakfast I met up with the real Lisa and 2 other Dutch girls (Karlinde and Judith) and it was her birthday! So we had to celebrate! We didn't do that much actually, but just walked around in the city, had a coffee and cake at Starbucks and at night we last minute decided to go to McDonalds. The weather was really bad, just rain and rain... I was really hesitant to book my tour to the Colca Canyon... In the end I didn't do it :(

So Arequipa was just shopping and eating hahaha

I wanted to book an extra night first, but took a nightbus to Cusco instead. There I was meeting Pia again!

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