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Day 58: Cusco


After a long bus ride I arrived at Cusco bus terminal. From there I had to take a taxi to my hostel (Cusco Packers). I checked in and got breakfast.

I got in touch with Pia, who just arrived in Cusco too. She had no hostel yet, so she was joining me here. Together we went looking for the best tour to Machu Picchu and explored Cusco. The first office we went into, had the best price in the end, so we booked it there.

Cusco has some really nice touristy things for sale. Beautiful sweaters, cloths, scarfs etc. But unfortunately I couldn't buy anything, because I still had lots of months to go. Don't want to carry that with me all the way. So I just bought a small lama keychain haha.

We had a really yummy smoothie in the park and when we were sitting there a guy came walking up to us with a Tupperware box selling space cake! Awesome, but we didn't buy... We did some groceries and finally made some dinner together again! We made an awesome veggie dish with rice! It was so good!

Tomorrow we are being picked up early to go to Machu Picchu! It's going to be a 4 day tour with downhill mountain biking, ziplining, walking and rafting! Also a visit to a hot spring, but I'm gonna skip that one. Don't wanna get sick again like at the salt flats.


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