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Day 64: Machu Picchu

On the 1st of March Pia and I started the Inka Jungle tour to Machu Picchu.
This tour normally is a 4 days/3 nights tour, but we booked an extra night to have more time in Machu Picchu.

For these days we had to pack a small backpack with all the stuff we needed but not being a lot, because we had to carry it with us all the time. This was difficult, because we knew we were going to get wet the first day. So 2 pairs of shoes, some clothing, toiletpaper (very important, because lots of toilets don't have it, not even in restaurants or the hostels), camera and some food/energy snacks.

Day 1: We got picked up by the agency and when the door opened, the first person I saw was Max (Dutch guy I met during the Uyuni tour)! What a coincidence! In total we were a group of 7 people. 2 Mexicans, 1 Belgium, 1 Chilean, 1 German and 2 Dutchies.

The road to the start of the downhill mountain bike ride took about 3 hours, so there was enough time to get to know each other. It was a very nice group!

When we arrived we got our gear (that was really smelly and still wet). There was 1 helmet in the exact same colours of my jacket, so of course I wanted that one! We got on our bikes and whoehoeeee going downhill for about 2,5 hours. This time only on a good road wich was nice. We didn’t have good weather, so together with the waterfalls we had to bike through and the rain, we got soaking wet. As well as my phone that was still in my pocket :(. Completely forgot about that! But the ride was awesome!!!

When we arrived at the hostel we got our rooms (Pia and I shared a room) and had lunch; soup and rice with a sort of yellow sauce with chicken. It was really nice. After lunch I bought some rice and put my phone in it. The other ones went rafting (Pia and I didn’t go because we thought it would be cold and stuff when we booked our tour, but it wasn’t) But I will do it somewhere else!

At the hostel there was a parrot, Caesar. Really cute! But didn’t wanted to sit on my shoulder :(

We had some free time and went for a walk in the town… It was just 1 small street, so that walk was very short :) After we went back to our room and just chilled there and puzzled a bit while listening to some nice music.

Before dinner Caesar made friends with Tony. He was sitting on his shoulder! So we tried to put him on my shoulder and it worked! When he sat on my shoulder I was a little bit afraid that he would bite me in the ear though…
Then dinner. Again soup and some meat with rice, french fries and some vegetables.

Day 2: YAY my phone was working again! Breakfast was pancakes with banana and chocolate sauce and/or egg. Pia and I shared our breakfast so that we had both :P

This day was such a looooong day. We had to walk for about 8 hours going uphill and doing some Inca stairs, but also some flat parts (Inca flat: going up and down). It was a beautiful route! We made lots of pictures on the way :) Came across some “monkey houses” where we had breaks and could play with the monkeys. Also drank some liquor that had a snake inside of the bottle. Really weird stuff haha. During playing with the monkey's Max got scratched or bitten a little bit by the monkey. Really shitty, because they can have rabies. Even though the owner said the monkey had gotten his yearly shots. Max decided to have a rabies shot, but that wasn’t that easy…

For lunch we made a stop at this restaurant in the middle of the forest. There were lots of hammocks. We had soup again and then spaghetti and afterwards we could chill in the hammocks for an hour!

Then we had to go further for 2,5 more hours. We really didn’t want to anymore haha

I was exhausted afterwards. We could go in some hot springs, but after what happend to me during the Uyuni tour, I decided to skip it this time.

We got at a new hostel again and this time shared the room with Max too. Max went to see a doctor for his shots, but in the end he didn’t get it. So he had to call the insurance company again and they told him that they would sent the shot to Aguas Calientes (our next destination) so he was really relieved. But then they called again that it wasn’t possible as well. So he decided to go back to Cusco the next morning. :(

For dinner we went to a restaurant and had soup AGAIN, beef, rice, french fries and some vegetables. We got some free tequila shots and after straight to bed!!!

Day 3: For breakfast we had the same as yesterday. Cool.

And then… Ziplining!!! It was really awesome! There were 4 really long lines and we ended on a walking bridge. The first lines we went normally and the last one we could go as Spiderman (hanging upside down) or Superman (lying on your belly) I went as Superwoman!!! It was so awesome!!! Then the bridge…. Pia and Tony were the first ones to go on it and Valentina and I were following. But Tony was jumping on the bridge and flipping it and Valentina and I were laughing and screaming so much! I almost peed my pants from laughing! But it was really scary too. Especially when you are afraid of heights like me...

After this we had a little drive to Hydroelectrica and had lunch there. Spaghetti and meat again. Not much variation in foods there haha

From here we had to walk for 3 hours to Aguas Calientes a long side the train track. Unfortunately it started to rain, but Ramses had his music box with him, so it was ok. Sometimes the train came a long. It’s like honking al the time for the people who are walking there. You don’t want to get hit by that train. It is a beautiful train though! Real classic look!

Mauri brought a stuffed animal duck btw, Hortensia. He puts her on the pictures everywhere he goes! Lots of people do this, but still it’s so funny and cute!

When we finally arrived we got in the hostel and we had dinner. Salad and a trout! Nice for a change! Can’t stand the sight of soup anymore hahaha

This hostel had Wifi, so I could contact Max to ask how he was doing. He got his shots and comes back to Aguas Calientes tomorrow. So that was good to hear! Hope to see him there again.

Went to bed early, because the next day we finally are going to Machu Picchu at 4:30 a.m.!!!

Day 4: An early rise at 4:00 a.m. to be ready at 4:30. Ramses and Mauri had tickets for the bus, because when they booked it, they were really sick, so walking up those stairs was not an option. But the rest of us went by foot. First a walk of 20 minutes to the security gate. There you had to show your passport and ticket. Then the killing stairs…. An elevation of 390 meter with 1772 steps. It doesn’t sound that bad, but they weren’t normal steps. High steps, crooked steps, wet steps…. it was hard work!!! But so worth it! Around 6 we arrived at Machu Picchu. We wanted to go in, but we had to wait for the tour guide. In the end we went by ourselves, because the information he was telling us just didn’t stick in our head that time hahaha

But wow what an amazing view! And we were sooooo lucky with the weather! No rain at all and we could see the blue sky with clouds. It was breathtaking. We couldn’t believe we were actually at Machu Picchu!!! We walked around, enjoyed the views and got our stamp in the passport and on our hands :P We could've just stolen the stamp. Nobody was there and it wasn't even connected to a cable or whatever.... but of course we didn't haha

And then we had to go down the stairs again. Heavy work too. We got wobbly legs hahaha such a weird feeling! Even when walking on straight parts our legs kept on shaking.

At night we met for dinner with the group again, unfortunately not with Max, because he had dinner with his own new group. Traitor haha

Day 5: Hiking back to Hydroelectrica… but this time without rain! Yay! You can also take that beautiful train, but that is one of the most expensive train rides in the world! and walking is nice... sometimes hahaha

We arrived way really early there and had to wait for 3,5 hours for our bus… but we had some food there with literally our last money. And a cute cat kept us company, so waiting wasn’t that bad :P

When we met up with Valentina and Tony (they went back with the train) they told us the train hit a person. He was walking on or close to the tracks with his headphones on. So he didn’t hear the train honking and got hit. WTF?!?!!? He was still alive, but got injured badly… bizarre! We has some beer at a restaurant there and there I came across a couple of Dutchies I've met in Sucre, Bolivia. But they were not my kind if people, so it was just a small talk.

So now we are back at our hostel inc Cusco. When we came back Dan told me Araceli was also in the hostel! Nice to see her again too!

Tomorrow we are going to do Rainbow Mountain together again with Max and Pia! WHOEHOEEEE

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