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Day 65: Rainbow Mountain

Today we went to Rainbow Mountain.
We have heard a lot of different stories about the difficulty but it was the hardest thing ever!!! (For me at least haha)

We got picked up at 3:20 (they said between 3:30 and 4:00, so we were still having breakfast).
Because we had to hurry we forgot some stuff. Sunscreen, a hat and a carrot.
We bought the carrot in case the mountain would be covered with snow and we couldn't see anything of it. At least we could then make a snowman :P
And if there was no snow, we could give it to a horse.
But that plan failed...

At the last place we stopped for pick up, a person who I haven't seen for about 20 years stepped in the bus; Soelan!!!! OMG
I already knew she was in Peru too, but the chance to see each other was very small... Or at least so I thought. It was so cool to see her again after all these years!

But we still had to drive for about 3 hours, so everybody went back to sleep haha. Plenty of time to talk later.

When we almost arrived I got a good view of the nature there. It was soooo beautiful! Green mountains and in the back a completely covered with snow mountain top. Amazing!

We had to walk for about half an hour up and then we got the chance of taking a horse for the rest of the ride. But only in these 30 minutes I saved Max a couple of times from falling on his ass. It was so muddy and thus slippery as fuck. So hell yes to the horse!!!

Because of the height (start point 4326m and the top is at 5200m) the air is sooo thin, so breathing was really difficult. Every step you took felt like it were hundreds.
Also headache and nausea came looking around the corner the higher you got. So I was really happy I took a horse, but also I had to walk some parts, because it was to slippery or to steep for the horse.

The last couple of meters to the top where sooooooo heavy. It was unreal. Every step you took, took away 1 year of age. So I took a fast run up :) Worked really good haha

But when we finally all arrived at the top we got treated with this amazing view of a non-snow Rainbow Mountain! It was amazing!!!

We made lots of pictures and enjoyed the view. But we couldn't stay too long, otherwise we could get more sick of the altitude. But before I went down I saw Chris and Jordan again! Cool! Jordan his dad was also there. They drove there with motorbike! And because Blake can't ride a bike, he was left behind.

On the way back I also took the horse again... I was so tired haha. Bravo to all the people who walked it all!!! I do have to say that sitting on the horse was very comfortable. But hey... can't complain!

On the way back our tour guide freaked out in the van. He got drunk and said the weirdest stuff to us.
In the end he got so mad that he was crying and shouting to us and wanted to throw stuff to Pia and me. WTF?!?!

Afterwards we complained and got 20 sol each back. And the guide got fired. Apparently he was already a little bit weird, but I still feel a little bit sad about the thing.
He was working 15 days in a row, 15 hours a day.... That is not normal!
Of course it is not normal to drink at the job and shout at your customers, but he was overworked.... It was not our intention to get the guy fired! :(

Tomorrow we are taking the bus to Ica (FINALLY SUNSHINE AND WARMTH AGAIN!!!)
It is a looong ride of 17 hours....

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