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Day 67: Huacachina

Today we arrived at 6:30 at Ica after a 17 hour bus ride.
Then a 10 minute taxi ride to our new hostel Banana's Adventure. I chose this hostel because of the name!

The hostel is awesome! It has a pool, really good food and cute bamboo huts! In the price included for every night you stay there, you can go on an excursion; sand boarding, wine tour or BBQ.

Because we came in so early we had to wait for check-in, so we first had breakfast and then went in the pool and enjoyed the nice weather first.

At 15:30 we had booked the buggy and sand boarding tour. And that was soooo cool! The buggy ride was like a rollercoaster! It was so much fun! And those huge dunes... what a sight! In between the rides we got to do some sand boarding. First a small dune and then a little bit bigger one and I did that one standing up and the rest we did lying on stomach.

Sometimes the dunes were sooo high and really scary! Pia fell and rolled down the 3rd dune. It looked so scary! But luckily she was ok! Max had it filmed the whole thing. In the end we could all laugh about it!

Then at night we walked up the dune again and enjoyed this amazing view over the oase and the city! It was perfect!!! Nice warm temperature, nice breeze and breathtaking view! But the climb was terrible! I should really work on my cardio :P

Tomorrow we are going to the next place; Paracas and Pia is going to Lima.. so that's gonna be goodbye :(

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