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Day 68: Huacachina

This morning we went up again to watch the sunrise, but there were too many clouds, so no sunrise... :(

The dogs of the hostel joined us up the dunes and protected us. It was so cute. When someone came to close, they barked and held watch. It wasn't necessary, but cool they did that!

Max went down earlier to get some more sleep at the pool and Pia and I stayed a bit longer. When Max went down, 1 dog followed him. And you could see he had so much fun going down, just like Max haha! It went soooo fast!

After a while Pia and I went down too. I took some pictures in the descend and saw her talking to a girl. Turned out it was Chieko!!! Such a coincidence! She lost her sunglasses and was asking around. Poor thing, but so cool to see her again!

In the end she joined Pia to Lima in the bus.


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