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Day 69: Paracas

Yesterday Max and I arrived in the end of the afternoon in Paracas. We walked around a bit, chilled at the swimming pool and went out for dinner. It's a cute little coastal town!

But there was just 1 problem.... there was not 1 ATM that worked and we really needed money! We asked everywhere and tried every single one of them. In the end it turned out that there was only 1 ATM working, but you could only get money with a VISA and we both only had Mastercard. Lucky for us there was a Dutch couple (Marieke and Wouter) having having the same problem with the ATM's. She just got their money out and they were happy to try again for us! And we then would transfer the money back to her account. SO NICE of them!!! They also stayed in the same hostel (Hostel Kokopelli) so we walked back with them and thanked them soooo much haha

Now we could book our tours and pay our hostel hahaha!

So today we went to Islas Ballestas and the national reserve at Paracas.

First we went with a boat and went to the islands and view the animal life there.
In the guides introduction he mentioned dolphins, so I was really excited and hoped to see them this time! Because last time at Isla Damas we didn't see them. The boat made some more speed and then stopped again. There were dolphins!!! I was so happy and clapping my hands of happiness!!

Next we saw this huge drawing on the mountain of a sort of candle/cactus thing. They still don't know who made it, but they suspect the same people and in the same time as the Nazca lines. It was soooooo big!

Then we went further to the islands and saw lots and lots of birds. Like thousands! Also a small group of penguins! We were very lucky because they were getting ready to jump in the water! A couple of seconds later and we wouldn't have seen them. Lots of seagulls, some pelicans and lots of sea lions and their cubs!

After this tour we went back to the hostel and had 1 hour until the next one. This tour was going to show us the national reserve. It actually was only sand, sand and more sand, but also a beautiful coastline! But overall it was just a long drive around in the van hehe.

Later that day we just chilled in the pool. And there I saw Helene again that I met in Copacabana! We hang out together that night and had dinner at the hostel and watched the sun set on the beach!

Tomorrow morning we are going to paraglide and then take the bus to Lima! I'm so excited about the paragliding!!!!

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