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Day 72: Lima

Today Max and I arrived in Lima.

I'm not a big fan of big cities, but we were craving for a good steak and that is something you cannot get in small towns most of the times.

I had a reservation at Kokopelli hostel Lima, but something was off with Max his reservation. So we both went looking for another hostel where we could stay together! We found a nice one nearby the center as well with a nice patio (The house Project)! After check in the search for the juicy steak started. It actually didn't take that long :P We got a tip from a guy working at another restaurant.

Well the steak was perfect, exactly what we wanted! And as a dessert we went to the McDonalds for a Mcflurry. Yum!

The next day we both had some stuff to take care of. I had to get my phone fixed and Max had to check if his ticket was a good one, and not one for Peruvian people only. Otherwise you will get a big fine, and that's not what he wanted of course.

My phone couldn't be fixed unfortunately, but Max his ticket was good! :)

At night we went to the cinema and watched the new Kong movie. This cinema played the movies in its original version with Spanish subtitles, so we were very happy about that!

The next day we went with the city tour bus. It was soooo boring! But we did make some face swaps in the cathedral :P

Max had a plane to catch to Iquitos and I had to take the bus to Trujillo. Going to miss Max!!! We had so much fun together! See you back in the Netherlands!

I have been talking to David and he is planning to go south and leave Colombia after 3 months. He didn't wanted to go Ecuador and wanted to go straight to Peru. Since I'm there too we decided to meet up in a smaller surf village near Trujillo, Huanchaco. can't wait to see him again after 6 months!

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