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Day 8: Fitz Roy

The day before yesterday we arrived in El Chalten. When we wanted to check in there were some problems. No idea what but we had to go to another hostel, (Hosteria los Ñires) that was like a sister company. We had booked a room with 2 single beds, but we ended up getting our own room with both 2 single beds. Really weird, but I liked it! Some me time :) I had a great view from my room and it was really spacious.

Yesterday we did a long hike in the Fitz Roy National Park.  This one was without a tour. We only had to take a shuttle to the entrance of the national park. In total it was 22 kilometers and a steep hike to the viewpoint Lago los Tres.

At first it was a normal walk without steep climbs through a forest with lots of dead trees lying around. Was really nice to have a normal walk haha. Then there was an opening in the forest and we got to see this huge glacier. It also made the rumbling sound the Perito Moreno made too. There we had lunch and just enjoyed the view. In the meantime a really big (like a 5 story high building) chunk of ice broke and fell in the lake underneath. Amazing to see!

From this point we could also see the steep climb to the viewpoint of Fitz Roy. At first we decided not to do the steep hike, because my legs were still sore from the Torres del Paine hike and the view was not visible. But we did it anyway! When we crossed the point where we had to make the decision we just couldn't resist. We found some good walking sticks (old tree branches) and off we went!

The climb went way more easier then the Torres del Paine. I just couldn't believe it, that easy!?! We probably got used to the climbing or something.

When we arrived at the top it was sort of snowing and together with the wind, it felt like hail. Ouch! But even though it was cold, snowing and we had no view, it was worth it! Very satisfying :)

I added a picture of the view how we have seen it and how it supposed to look...

In the left corner we could see a glacier and I got curious if there would be another lake there. So apparently I still wasn't done with the climbing and went down and up again. And indeed there was another lake. This one was lower then the other one and was connected with a waterfall from the main lake. Pretty awesome to be able to stand above this waterfall!

Then we had to go back down and still had to walk for another 8 kilometers. I was exhausted afterwards...

Today we do some more walking and tonight we take the nightbus to Los Antiguos to go to Chile again. There we cross the border and go to Chile Chico, a small village.

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