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Day 82: Still Huanchaco

So we are still stuck in Huanchaco, but it's such a nice town that we don't mind :P
We have surfed for 2 days now. Really awesome, but strong waves! Especially the beach break is really tough.... But awesome to surf in Peru!
A town little north from here has the longest left wave in the world, so we will go there within the next days probably.

We also hung out with people who are staying in the dorm rooms, had an Argentinian BBQ with real Argentinean guys, danced, tried to go out, but nothing was appealing enough and did some shopping/browsing in a big mall in Trujillo.

Since the situation here is still not good and there is no news about when the roads will be open again. We booked plane tickets to Lima for the 30th. It's better to have a ticket al ready then to wait for so long here. It's not THAT nice this town haha

I'm going to Cali, Colombia through Lima and David to Lima and then Huacachina probably.

But until then we enjoy ourselves here!

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