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Day 85: Chan Chan

Today we went to the Chan Chan ruins. We tried last Saturday, but then they were closed. Instead we walked a bit back and walked over a cemetery.

But first I had a nasty breakfast! We had a soup with chicken claws inside of it. I dared myself to try it. It took me so long before I touched it let alone put it in my mouth hahaha. But I did it and it was so weird! Not my thing haha

Today they were open, but it turned out that last time they meant the museum. But we didn't want to go in there, we just wanted to see the ruins. They send us around the corner to the site. There were no gates or someplace to pay for entrance. So we just walked where we wanted. There was no one else, no tourists, no personnel, nada! This gave us the opportunity to just walk where ever we wanted. Climbed onto walls, stairs, it was pretty cool! It was big and impressive, but we still aren't sure what was authentic or newly build.

When we were walking back to the road we saw some workers, so we think the time we were there, they were on their breaks. It was also the hottest moment of the day, so it makes sense if they stopped working then.

But that gave us the opportunity to walk where ever we wanted!

Back at the hostel I googled it, and turned out the part what is for tourist we didn't visit, we only went to the parts that were prohibited for people... whoops... :S

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