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Day 9: El Chalten

Yesterday we knew we had a long bus ride of 11 hours ahead of us during the night, so we did some more walking to stretch the legs.

There were a couple of small hikes and we did 2 of them.

One was for the condors. While walking up you could read some information about them and hopefully see one or two. The information was all in Spanish, so it was a little bit of a guess sometimes, but the pictures helped us :P When we were at the top there were no condors at all... And then all of the sudden one came flying straight over me! He/she was huge and so ugly haha. Just like in the cartoons; a bald head with like 15 hairs standing straight up, a white collar and a weird long-ish neck. But beautiful in its kind.

The second hike took us to an amazing view of Lago Viedma. We just sat there and enjoyed the view.

I was tired in my legs so I decided to go to a nice coffee bar/restaurant to re-write my blog and edit my pictures. And have some proper food instead of some crackers and cookies in the bus.

During my walk home I suddenly noticed what the wooden thing in the middle of the road was a huge backpack! Awesome!!!

My dad wanted to walk more, so we split up.
After a couple of hours we met back in the hostel and took the bus to Chile Chico.
Just a few minutes out of the town we were given some god rays over the mountains and glacier...
breathtaking beautiful!!!

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