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Day 90: Salento

This morning I left Cali with a very comfy bus! I haven't seen anything of this city, but I just didn't feel like it.
Yesterday was a I-don't-want-to-do-anything-or-socialise-with-people-day. I was still very tired of the flying/traveling before and had to adjust to not being with David anymore. (Sounds weird, but it really feels weird walking alone over the streets again....) The hotel was in a very nice part of the city... NOT. There were only motorbike- and car stores.... Not very appealing.
But today I arrived in Salento. The ride was beautiful! Such beautiful nature has Colombia. So many big trees and trees covered with bromelias and moss hanging on the branches; so jungle-ish! I always love to see that!
Salento itself is pretty cute. It has a square with lots of street food stands that all sell the same food. Lots of trout. I went up the stairs to a look out point (239 steps) to see the mountains I'm going to walk in between tomorrow.
Then walking back to the hostel, I saw those animal bags :O So cool!!! Love the chickens! (but they are not as cool as my whale bag ;P) I hope I will find some people that will join me, because I checked in a really nice hostel (Ciudad de Segorbe hostel) today, but I'm the only one here :P But for now, a relaxed movie night in my hostel in my private dorm room because I have to get up early tomorrow!
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