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Day 91: Cocora Valley

After a bad night sleep (because I catched a cold somewhere) the alarmclock went off at 6:30...

Today I was going to hike at Cocora Valley! Was really looking forward doing some hiking again. So I got to the square where the Willys (Jeeps) are and together with 9 other people we drove to Cocora Valley.

I started the hike with Sean, a super interesting person and also a nature lover with lots of facts! 2 hours later 2 girls from the jeep hooked on and we went together. We made a stop at this hummingbird house. We had a drink there and watched the birds. There was this one hummingbird I had never seen before. It was soooo beautiful with his long tail and beautiful colors!

After that we went up again. Really tough climbing through mud and pretty steep. At a certain point we saw a couple of signs and it didn't make any sense. So I checked on and found out we were walking the wrong way up. It was Sean's direction, but not ours. So we split up there and me, Rebekah and Audrey went back down. But unfortunately we also had to go back up. I was exhausted!!!

But finally we made it to the highest point and chilled there for a bit.

Bizarre thing happened there when we were walking away from that place btw. A huge branch from a tree broke off and fell on the road, right where we just walked. It was as thick as a tree itself! Covered the whole road :O And we walked passed that part like 10 seconds ago!!!! Could have ended pretty bad.... Felt sort of Final Destination the movie.... Escaping from death....

After that we finally were going to see the views over Cocora Valley. And it was amazing!!!! Those palm trees are abnormal tall! they can grow up to 60 meters :O There is one picture where I am next to a palm tree and a cow. There you can see how tall the trees are! I am wearing a pink top :P

It was a good and nice day! Heavy, but like always pretty satisfying!

Also I cleaned my shoes at Huanchaco.... But there are even worse then before I cleaned them there.... :(

Tomorrow I take a minivan to Medellin!

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