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Day 93: Medellin

After some chilling in the garden of my hostel in a hammock I went to Comuna 13 with some people (Fran & Elli) from my hostel. Elli is actually from Colombia Bogota, but now lives in the USA. She was the guide and translator of Fran haha

We wanted to take the graffiti tour but it was expensive and you had to book it in advance. So we decided to do it ourselves. Worked out pretty good and we even got a free explanation about the neighbourhood :P

They placed escalators in this part for people to be more safe and to get faster to their houses after work without being robbed.

It was really cool to see and also very bizarre to go over the slums of Medellin with the cable car. Such poor districts next to the city centre.

On the way back to our hostel we took the cablecars up to have an even higher view over Medellin.

At night we had dinner at a very good Italian restaurant where I can't remember the name of :(

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