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Day 1: Amsterdam – Madrid

And so the adventure begins...

Shed some tears when saying goodbye to my cat, roommates, family and friends, but luckily there is internet these days!

And thanks to Bas and Sam I could say goodbye to my mom. The day we planned to say goodbye went all wrong when she got really sick :( She supposed to come visit me at home, but was so sick, she couldn't go in the car. So when I was chilling at Bas and Sam's they offered to drive us to the airport, but then first pick up my father. And then I could still see my mom there! When I told her, she started crying. At that moment I was in the metro and started crying too haha.

The first 3 weeks I am traveling with my father through Argentina and Chile and after that I'm alone for the rest of the trip! Really excited and can't wait to see lots of beautiful nature and wildlife!!! But first... 3 flights! First stop: El Calafate

But first we had to go through customs at Schiphol. And normally this doesn't take that long. So we first had breakfast with Bas and Sam. After that we went to customs with the thought we could do some browsing at some stores at Schiphol. But that wasn't gonna happen.

There was this huge long line for customs, no idea why. But the televisions with the waiting time said 1,5 hours. WTF?!?! At that point we were really scared we might not make our flight....
But... we made it just in time! We only had 30 minutes left :O


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